On the Shoulders of Giants - Part 0 - Alan Turing

On the Shoulders of Giants - Part 0 - Alan Turing
   We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.

   The phrase "Standing on the shoulders of giants" is attributed to the French philosopher Bernard of Chartres. Although he lived in the 12th century, the truth in his words became more evident with time. "On the Shoulders of Giants" will be my series of articles about the giants of computer science and information technology.  We all know the names of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, John Carmack, Anders Hejlsberg (Hallowed be His name), Sergei Brin, Larry Page and many others. While they are undoubtedly giants of IT these series will focus on the older generation of pioneers on whose shoulders the aforementioned were standing. These giants are so ancient that they did not even refer to themselves as computer scientists because computer science was non-existent at the time. Instead they called themselves mathematicians and physicists. That being said I may one day get to the point to write an article about some of the people listed above.

   Each part will tell the story of a computer scientist and sum up his works from my point of view. The articles will not include more information than what you can read on Wikipedia and find using Google but it will be formatted as a story and will sum up more than one Wikipedia article. What is more people do not go looking for information about someone if they have never heard of him. In short I will read Wikipedia for you in the form of a fairytale. Note that I cannot promise that I will have the time or the inspiration to write more articles so part 0 may happen to be the last.

   Part 0 tells the story of the most powerful (in my opinion) of the giants. The father of computer science – Alan Turing...
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20:44 16.03.2009

Windows 7

Windows 7
   There is much talk on the Internet about Windows 7. Most of the reviews are highly positive and there are many that proclaim that Windows 7 will save the world from the dreaded Vista. However there are few that actually saw the truth. And the truth is that internally Windows 7 is just Vista. What is more interesting is that with the current beta it is no different than Vista on the outside. This just shows that tech reviewers are morons. The same people that wrote gigabytes of text to prove that Vista is bad are now doing the same to prove that Vista (renamed to Windows 7) is really good. Wait! I predicted it all. However there was something much more interesting in Windows 7 that no one was mentioning until now...

Update 13.01.2009:
Here is a review that agrees completely with what I have written:


Notice that the article was published two days after mine :)
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The Broken Web 2

   If you have not done so be sure to check my first rant about the Web and how broken it is here.

   I was gathering more insight on the state of the web and now I am almost scared. Lets start with some pictures showing the behavior of some well-known, standards-compliant browsers. These screenshots are from a real project of mine. The project is still not visible from the outside world so I did not check it with an HTML validator but I usually write valid XHTML and even if this piece happens to be invalid (which I doubt) I can guarantee that the visual differences are not caused by validation errors. Probably most of you know that valid markup guarantees nothing about how this markup will be displayed in different browsers.
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01:30 01.01.2009

Подариха ми Фадрома

   Добрите хора от Microsoft решиха да ми подарят Windows Server 2008 Web Edition. Първо си помислих, че пак пробутват онези вмирисани лицензи за 1 година, но черно на бяло пише "full version". Така възникна въпросът какво да го правя. Това чудо в магазина струва 750 лв. и не върви да не го ползвам. Освен това всъщност искам да си имам сървър, но не мога да измисля никаква причина, която да оправдае разходите за ток и Интернет, да не говорим ако избера сериозния вариант с colocation. Както казва Стойко подариха ми фадрома. Събирам идеи какво да го правя. Лицензът е под формата на CD Key и ме съмнява да може да се продава. Някой да има мераци да колокираме сървър заедно и да делим разходите? Някой да има супер велики приложения, които ще изкарат милиони, но цената на операционната система го е спирала до сега?
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13:32 03.12.2008

User-friendly Oracle

   I was trying to get Oracle JDeveloper 11g today but as always with Oracle products this proved to be quite a challenge...
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03:54 22.10.2008
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