Upgrade 1.0.10

   Here is the latest upgrade to my personal website (which should be your homepage). This release contains only bugfixes. I believe that from now on there should be just one XHTML validation error. This error will not be removed for several reasons. First of all I will have to code for a week to recreate the wonderful ASP.NET pager control which renders it. Second it is absolutely harmless - a "disabled" attribute for a link that is ignored with no effect in every browser but IE. And finally it is a sign of defiance of W3C, web "standards" and all of that bullshit. Some issues with cache invalidatin were also fixed. The most important fix is that the Sietch now works in IE8 or at least I hope so.

   As always you can download the source code at Codeplex and even get involved in the development of this software masterpiece.
Posted by:   Stilgar
02:15 16.01.2009

Upgrade 1.0.9

   I have deployed the new version of the no-blog which contains several improvements:

   1. Added page size setting for the comments.
   2. Clicking latest comments now takes the user to the comment and not just to the news item page.
   3. Removed link to the CSS file from every comment or news item. This means less HTML validation errors.

   I have calculated that moving to the comment after clicking on the latest comments takes on average 2 seconds and even more if the comment is not on the first page. Considering that this no-blog has millions of readers and each of them loses 2+ seconds every time a comment is posted I have just saved thousands of manhours. You can start expressing your gratitude now.

   As always you can download the source code on Codeplex.
Posted by:   Stilgar
22:51 22.12.2008

Upgrade 1.0.8

Upgrade 1.0.8
   Here is another software update of everyone's favourite no-blog. With this release admins can change the text on the "About" page and the text on the master page. However what really matters is that with this release the Personal Webpage Engine passed the official "Works on My Machine" certification program. I have proudly added the official certificate badge to the website.

Just to remind to any of you who might want to view the code or submit a bug (not that I care about your bugs, mortals), here is the project page on Codeplex - http://www.codeplex.com/BlogNET.
Posted by:   Stilgar
23:17 08.11.2008

Upgrade 1.0.7

   Due to millions of e-mails from readers with incompatible eyes I have decided to bless them with darker gray text and orange links. However this is not entirely because of feedback. I was convinced by the colors on StarCraft2.com. If Blizzard do it like this then it is good enough for this glorious No-blog.

   Another cool thing for you mortals is that now you can get an insight into the development process by using the newly setup project page and source control system on Codeplex. The most prominent developers among you can even contribute source code here.

Posted by:   Stilgar
18:05 12.10.2008

Upgrade 1.0.6

I am proud to present the new version of everyone's beloved No-Blog. This version supports HTML based posts. This will allow me to post tables:

Website Number of users (in millions) Coolness points
Google.com 3000 5
The Sietch 30000 10
Yahoo! 3 2

Also I can put in some pictures to show you cool stuff like what the administration looks like:


HTML based posts come to you thanks to TinyMCE.

Posted by:   Stilgar
05:48 24.08.2008
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