Ten Years of No-blogging

   Ten years ago on this day I launched this personal website which is definitely not a blog. It was just a side project to learn LINQ and the new features of ASP.NET 3.5. Who would have thought it would last for 10 years? My noobier self was quite proud of what I had written and of course with time I became ashamed. Right now I'd rather rewrite the project than develop new functionality on top of the current codebase and no, that has nothing to do with it being Web Forms.

   I learned a lot of things from this project. Although after learning LINQ I did not meet any programming challenges it turns out a real-world project has a lot of requirements one normally does not think of. A favorite example is avoiding double post when the user has just posted a comment and presses F5. A real world project has a lot of small issues like this one that tend to be overlooked when learning. When I built this project I was already working as a professional programmer but I still had people to look after me and tell me about all the small things I had missed. Being forced to think of them myself taught me what managing a software project felt like. I fought spam and had to implement ways to block it quickly. I had to change the defaults of some features because they turned out to be terrible user experience for the main user - myself. In addition I implemented some "clever" solutions for simple things just to learn why they are not that clever and why big boys do it differently.

   Here are some stats:

   Total Posts: 268 (about 1 article every 2 weeks on average)
   Posts in Bulgarian: 127
   Posts in English: 141
   Posts about music: 71
   Posts about programming: 64
   Posts about games: 36
   Posts about technology: 41
   Comments: 1645
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Posted by:   Stilgar
00:05 03.02.2018


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