Dev Reach 2008

   Here comes the report from Dev Reach 2008 that countless readers eagerly await. As you may know I am very fond of attending events like this so naturally I was quite excited. Most of the speakers were people whose blogs I had found multiple times when googling some .NET related problem but rest assured that the Bulgarian lecturers, albeit few, were on par with the famous foreigners...
Posted by:   Stilgar
05:06 17.10.2008

Functional Sieve of Eratosthenes

   I was thinking of how I can use functional constructs to implement Sieve of Eratosthenes and I bet that millions of readers are dying to learn what I came up with...
Posted by:   Stilgar
01:07 13.10.2008

Upgrade 1.0.7

   Due to millions of e-mails from readers with incompatible eyes I have decided to bless them with darker gray text and orange links. However this is not entirely because of feedback. I was convinced by the colors on If Blizzard do it like this then it is good enough for this glorious No-blog.

   Another cool thing for you mortals is that now you can get an insight into the development process by using the newly setup project page and source control system on Codeplex. The most prominent developers among you can even contribute source code here.

Posted by:   Stilgar
18:05 12.10.2008

Rick Wright Switched Places

   Yesterday Rick Wright the keyboardist of Pink Floyd has moved to a new place. From now on he will be holding a non-stop party with Bo Diddley, John Lennon, George Harrison, Jim, Janis, Jimmy, Syd Barret, Phil Lynott, Jerry Garcia, Sid Vicious, Dee Dee Ramone, David Byron, Bonzo, Bon Scott, Freddie, Kurt Cobain, Chuck Schuldiner, Dimebag and many others that just cannot go away even if they try hard because some things cannot be undone.

   He moved at the age of 65. Reason: Cancer.
Posted by:   Stilgar
17:06 16.09.2008

Happy Programmer's Day

Happy Programmer's Day
   Happy programmer's day to everyone who is doing any coding. The day of the programmer is celebrated on the 256th day of the year (do I have to explain why?). Normally it falls on September 13th but on leap years like this year it falls on September 12th.

   Happy coding and may the Source be with you.
Posted by:   Stilgar
13:18 12.09.2008
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