What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 5 (Lambda Expressions)

   I was about to start this article with theoretical explanation and historical background of lambda expressions but while I was searching for articles explaining some subtle details I came upon some very interesting comments. Some people were complaining that functional programming (mainly lambdas) are not natural to C# and they can confuse developers with no theoretical (i.e. university) background. Luckily the C# community (unlike the Java community) is very open-minded to new features and opinions are about 10:1 in favor of lambdas (if you take a look at discussions about new features in Java you will see that like 3:2 are against ANY changes in the language itself). So I decided to write the article with examples of how lambdas are actually simpler and easier even if you do not understand how they work internally...
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03:29 24.02.2008

What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 4 (Type Inference and Anonymous Types)

  Welcome to part 4 of the "What Is New in C# 3.0" series. Lets present two of the features that can make your code shorter and are essential to LINQ.

  You can often read about a feature of C# 3.0 called "the var keyword". That is pure bullshit and the feature is actually called "type inference" or "implicit typing"...
Posted by:   Stilgar
01:57 15.02.2008

What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 3 (Extension Methods)

   Part 3 of the "What Is New in C# 3.0" series deals with extension methods. However before we proceed lets make a little trip through the history of methods as we know it just for the sake of our younger readers (namely Hristinka)...
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04:02 10.02.2008

What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 2 (Object Initializers and Collection Initializers)

   Today we will dive deeper into the world of C# 3.0 with object initializers and collection initializers. Be sure to check part 0 and part 1 from the “What Is New in C# 3.0” series if you have missed them.

   Now straight to the topic...
Posted by:   Stilgar
03:37 08.02.2008

What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 1 (Automatic Properties and Partial Methods)

  In part 1 of the "What's New in C# 3.0" series we are taking a look at partial methods and automatic properties. These are pretty simple so it should be an easy start for everyone. However before that I would like to tell you about the concept behind the new things in C# 3.0...
Posted by:   Stilgar
02:56 07.02.2008
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