Finally it is online. Visit the "What is this place?" section to learn what exactly is online.

  I just want to mention that I really HATE Firefox. Many of you have already heard me complain about it but now I will make it official. I have missed a night of sleep to make the project you are looking at right now look good under Firefox. Thanks to Slavi it is working now. It was a stupid default value for CSS property. Stay tuned for my special post on browsers (which most of you have already heard). Man, how I hate Firefox...

  By the way I would not recommend using "Forgotten Password" right now. There is some problem with the mail server and while there is no error the mail is only delivered to mailboxes in the local mail server. I will be contacting the hosting support to fix this right now but I do not know when it will work.

  It just occurred to me that the server is in the USA and the time will be in some US timezone. That will be fixed... sometime... and that could mean never.

  Update 04.02.2008: It seems like "Forgotten password" is working.
  Update 05.02.2008: The time is now in Easter European timezone.
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on   01:22 05.02.2008
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04:13 03.02.2008
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