John McCarthy Has Entered the Matrix

John McCarthy Has Entered the Matrix
   Giants of computer science and information technology have conspired this month to make my website look like a wall with obituaries. After Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie John McCarthy has entered the Matrix to live there forever. His greatest contributions were in the field of artificial intelligence but he is best known for discovering the Lisp programming language. I use the word "discovering" because in my opinion math is not invented, it just is and is waiting for someone to discover it and Lisp is a programming language that embodies pure math. Until recently I did not know that but according to his Wikipedia article he was the first to "suggest (in a speech given to celebrate MIT's centennial) that computer time-sharing technology might lead to a future in which computing power and even specific applications could be sold through the utility business model". Guess what! He invented cloud computing!

   He was 84 when he entered the Matrix. AI and cloud computing... He was the fucking Architect!
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Posted by:   Stilgar
13:01 25.10.2011


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