Fuck the EU Commission!

Fuck the EU Commission!
   Some of you probably know that the minority browser makers worried by the fact that people do not give a fuck about their crappy software and the useless web "standards" went to the EU Commission and asked it to make Microsoft bundle their browsers with Windows because according to them Microsoft abused their OS market share by bundling Internet Explorer. Of course Microsoft had no intention to bundle alternative browsers with their OS. At the very least Microsoft do not want to answer support calls for browsers they did not make. So what did Microsoft do. They said "FUCK YOU" to the EU Commission and they will ship Windows 7 in Europe without any browser. There will be a separate CD with IE for OEMs. Of course all OEMs will just install IE because none of them will want to take all the support calls complaining that "The Internet is missing". Most of them probably will not bundle alternative browsers because this means they will have to support it. Basically IE will be bundled with as many Windows installations as it is bundled with now - all of them. The only people who will be affected are the 10% of the users that I (and most probably you) belong to who install Windows on their own. Now the installation will require two discs - one for Windows and one for the browser (be it IE or a minority one). How is that any other OS can ship with a browser but Windows cannot? The funny part is that IE has less than 50% usage share in Europe. Good job protecting the consumers EU Commission. FUCK YOU!

Update 03.08.2009

   Microsoft has decided to include ballot screen in Windows 7 if the default browser is IE. The solution is quite interesting since the ballot screen will be presented in IE itself. It will be a web page with an option to download browsers ordered by market share. Even more interesting is the fact that the ballot screen will be pushed through Windows Update to XP and Vista machines. It will be displayed only to users that have IE set as the default browser so this can lead to users moving away from IE but not the other way around. Microsoft will be promoting direct competitors. It is not yet sure if the EU Commission will accept this offer.

   One thing that is really good about this decision is that 5 years from now Windows 7 will not be shipping with 5 years old Firefox.

Q: What is worse than 8 years old browser shipping with the most popular OS?
A: Five 8 years old browsers shipping with the most popular OS.

You can read more and see a screenshot of the ballot screen here.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
04:09 12.06.2009


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Posted by   ___XXX_X_XXX___   on   04:53 12.06.2009

FUCK YOU EU и от мен :)

Posted by   trx   on   10:22 12.06.2009

Ее да, чудесен повод да кажеш едно сутрешно FUCK YOU!
(щях да го напиша на английски цялото ако знаех как) :D

Posted by   ivelinka   on   13:41 12.06.2009

teq antitrust prostotii sa mnogo tupi!! FUCK YOU!

Posted by   deviser   on   21:10 12.06.2009

Е недеите така пък и вие.
Знаете ли какви весели времена ще настъпят. Половината европеици ще твърдят, че M$ продават компютри, които са без Интернет ;-)

Posted by   Ravenheart   on   01:16 13.06.2009

А който няма инсталер на браузъра който ползва, при пресен инстал как ще си го изтегли от интернет?

Posted by   gatakka (Unregistered)   on   02:38 13.06.2009

The end of IE monopol.
Be happy, be free, use everything else than IE

Posted by   lol (Unregistered)   on   14:55 15.06.2009

>people do not give a fuck about their crappy software and the useless web

Insolence and ignorance at its best! Are you a MS PR guy?

Posted by   Stilgar   on   18:21 15.06.2009

No. I'm just an MS Zealot. They don't even pay me. :)

Posted by   npavlov   on   16:52 16.06.2009

Same story as it went with Media Player.

Well, I guess almost no one will be buying the Windows 7 E version.  Only some freetards will do so, after they fail again miserably to make their Linux desktop usable.

Posted by   Stilgar   on   16:56 16.06.2009

The problem is that this time MS will not sell the full version of Windows in Europe

Posted by   npavlov   on   17:34 16.06.2009

Not sure, Stilgar. On contrary, what I got from Dave Heiner (http://microsoftontheissues.com/cs/blogs/mscorp/archive/2009/06/11/working-to-fulfill-our-legal-obligations-in-europe-for-windows-7.aspx) I tend to believe that the non-E version will be available for retail purchase, too. Just like the version of Vista w/ WMP bundled WAS available in EU. And OEMs will in 99% bundle IE just to make their lives easier.

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   14:20 17.06.2009

az ne razbiram kvo gi ebe EU che v evropa Windows shte vyrvi bez IE sled kato v Evropa vseki polzva nelegalen Windows deto e US editiona :DDD

Posted by   Stilgar   on   14:33 17.06.2009

Interesno kakvo te kara da mislish che v Evropa vseki polzva nelegalen Windows. To dori v Bulgaria ima edno 20% legalni veche ako ne i poveche.

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   18:53 17.06.2009

bre tova znachi che ti si 20% ot potreibtelite na windows good :)

Posted by   Stilgar   on   21:46 17.06.2009

Ne se pravi be daje ti do skoro polzvashe legalen ot universiteta!

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   01:24 22.06.2009

grubo go izpolzvah ot 3ti kurs ( tyj kato togava razbrah za nego ) do izlizaneto na Vista...:) taka che prev si 2 godini sam go polzval legalno :D puuu :

Posted by   M$ смуче (Unregistered)   on   17:31 22.06.2009

Трябва да накарат и Ubuntu се да шипва с IE7.0. За да е справедливо.

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   00:15 25.06.2009

tva e nezakonno.
Ne zakonno e da polzvash IE kakto i fontovete na microsoft na OS razlichna ot windows.

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