History of RTS Games

History of RTS Games
   Right now I do not have the time to write new articles and I know that there is a throng of readers out there who eagerly await my majestic writings so I decided to be gracious and draw your attention to an old series of articles, namely 'The History of Real Time Strategy Games'. This was written about two years ago and was a project by a guy known by the nickname Phantom for the Gamereplays.org website. Many people took part in it everyone writing articles about different games. Yours truly is responsible for the articles about WarCraft II and WarCraft III. I am really proud with my participation in this project. I am filled with pride by the very notion that I was and still am a part of the 'growing tech-savvy group calling themselves 'gamers'' that changed the world of entertainment and art in the 90s. Some people still try to downplay the importance of computer and video games, electronic sports and the cultural impact they bring but this group is slowly dying of old age. We are taking over the world and now all your culture is belong to us. If you are interested in the history of one of the most important genres of computer games you can download the PDF version here or read the original articles on the Gamereplays.org website starting here.
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