Upgrade 1.2.2

   Our fearless team has just released a new version of the Personal Webpage Engine that powers this No-blog. This version includes several small bugfixes. This will be the last version before version 2.0 comes with many majestic features. Well... unless everything suddenly breaks and we are forced to release another bugfix version.

   As always the code is available at Codeplex. If you want to experience the glory of being part of the team you can contribute there.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
00:34 25.10.2009


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Posted by   ivelinka   on   19:44 25.10.2009

Our bugfix release already has 11 downloads! I knew people were waiting for this release! There you have it people, enjoy!:)

Posted by   trx   on   23:58 25.10.2009

of course!

Posted by   Guest (Unregistered)   on   16:22 05.12.2009


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