Dead Again

Dead Again
   It appears that Type O Negative's Peter Steele has died yesterday... again. Other members of the band including their manager have confirmed the news. The greatest Gothic metal musician of all the time died of heart failure at the age of 48.

   I still hope that in a week I will come back and update this article saying that it was just a P.R. stunt for their new album. After all they have done it once in 2005. Somehow I feel like I will not have this opportunity.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
00:34 16.04.2010


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Posted by   ivelinka   on   12:29 16.04.2010


Posted by   Dessert Eagle (Unregistered)   on   18:00 16.04.2010

Нищо нали Джоли Димаил е още жив!!!!

Posted by   trx   on   13:28 17.04.2010

това ми беше любимото

R.I.P. :(

Posted by   ___XXX_X_XXX___ (Unregistered)   on   02:38 23.04.2010

Тоя път завинаги ли е умрял или пак за малко ?

Posted by   Stilgar   on   03:01 23.04.2010

Mi uj zavinagi. Niakak si ne izglejda da se ebavat toia put.

Posted by   Dr. House (Unregistered)   on   02:22 17.05.2010

Heart failure is a typical consequence of drug overdose.

Posted by   Stilgar   on   02:39 17.05.2010

Maybe but his family and friends said he was clean for years. I don't know why they would lie. After all it is not secret that he used drugs and even made suicide attempts

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