Happy Programmers' Day 2010

Happy Programmers' Day 2010
   It is the 256th day of the year again which means that everyone whose job is to create bytes that move other bytes around can celebrate.

   I remember several years ago the Wikipedia article for Programmers' Day was created and deleted and then created and deleted again. There was a heated discussion if the holiday really exists. Some people said that their companies observe it and have some related activities therefore the holiday is real. However others pointed out that someone can invent a holiday like this one and put it on Wikipedia to give it credibility so the article should not be allowed. Luckily the holiday was accepted as official professional holiday in Russia which gives it enough physical world credibility so the article is now up again.

   Let the celebrations begin!
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Posted by:   Stilgar
13:29 13.09.2010


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Posted by   ivelinka   on   13:32 13.09.2010

So Medvedev decided he should end the discussion on Wiki and he made it an official holiday in Russia. I just wish it was an official Holiday in Bulgaria too.

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