The Broken Web

The Broken Web
   There is much buzz generated around the so called "web standards", web browsers and the general state of the Web lately. I decided that it is worth adding to the buzz, so that my multi-million reader base will have the opportunity to read my undoubtedly wise words on the subject.

   The Beginning

   HTML was conceived back in the 80s as a format for DOCUMENTS. This is really important because it is the reason for all the troubles we have today. HTML is relatively good as a document format but unfortunately somebody decided that we need to program in HTML. So, Javascript was introduced to handle programing in the Web. That is the core of all problems.  Somebody decided that we should program in a document format. That is like programming doc files. You can program doc files (via VB script for example) but very few people are doing it and only in special occasions. Somehow everyone agrees that we should not program doc but no one notices that we are programming HTML, which is essentially the same. That is where the first problems began to emerge and the First Browsers' War started. Netscape and Microsoft entered a struggle which Microsoft eventually won. Both companies were extending the Web's capabilities while trying to secure lead position and no one thought that the war would leave the Web in ruins.

   The First Browsers' War and Attempts to Fix the Web

   People wrongfully decided that they could fix the Web by extending HTML. First they invented the DOM. The DOM did not help at all and because it was invented during the First Browsers' War, different implementations brought even further devastation to the battlefield. It was about the same time when someone decided that the problem with the Web were all those "width = 5" attributes, so they decided that it would be best if we CSS-ified the Web. Guess what! That did not work at all and introduced even more problems with different implementations. After the First Browsers' War ended around year 2000, right in the middle of the Bubble, the Web was in ruins and it was evident for everyone that it was broken. Again everyone failed to see that the core of the Web (HTML) was just a document format and was not suitable for multimedia and programming. In the meantime to handle the growing needs of multimedia and programing on the Web it was Flashified (something like Falsified but much worse). At that time a new fashion was emerging – XML. Everyone was excited about XML because it was so cool. Clearly XML was so enterprisey that it was the solution to all problems. According to the fashion the W3 consortium (which is called W3 because it consists of three people who had had nothing better to do one afternoon than to create a web consortium to spread further anarchy in the Web) decided to XML-fy HTML. Of course this only brought more compatibility problems.

   The Second Browsers' War

    After the First Browsers' War ended things began to settle down. The smoke was vanishing and the Galaxy was under the control of the Empire, which promised years of peace and opportunity to fix the damage from the war. The Web was falling under the non-official standard of Internet Explorer. At this moment Microsoft made a fatal mistake. They disbanded the IE team. They dismissed their army and left their Death Star with no crew. The rebels were regrouping for a new strike. Their leader was Google Inc.* It aimed at stealing the Web from the Empire. The Second Browsers' War was at hand. Right now we are living in the middle of it. Google Inc is financing a dangerous weapon called Firefox. Through their propaganda machine they somehow managed to convince people that Microsoft were to blame for all the problems with the Web and that Firefox is the best Web browser (which it is NOT). However their only purpose is to make their weapon more powerful, so they could be the new masters of the Web. They do not care that the users do not want another war.

   The Browsers

   Let me make this clear – all browsers today totally suck! There is no way to create a good browser because the problem is that the Web itself is broken beyond repair. Of course, some browsers are slightly less bad than others. However Firefox is not even the least bad browser (that title goes to Opera). Internet Explorer is worse than both Firefox and Opera but that does not matter. The use of so devastating weapons hurts the Web even more. It is better to have just one browser, even if it is the worst, than to have many good browsers. When the three people from W3C invented standards different than the standards in use at the time (i.e. Internet Explorer's rendering engine) they hurt the Web. What did they think? That Microsoft will throw away the Death Star? Which is more, did they think that the users will upgrade to the next Internet Explorer if it stopped rendering the current pages correctly and instead implemented some newly invented standard by three people without anything better to do? But how did Firefox manage to get its user base of about 20% then? It did because it had user related features (like tabs) and not because it implemented the self-proclaimed standards. If Microsoft had released IE7 a year earlier, Firefox would have user base under 2% but thanks to the fact that the Empire underestimated the situation, the money Google Inc. is pouring in their abomination and the pro-Firefox propaganda we are now in the middle of another devastating war. So my appeal is:


Otherwise you are helping the destruction of the Web. Standards are pure crap and I want to remind you that web pages do not exist because of browsers and standards but the other way around. The purpose of browsers is to show web pages. If a browser does not show a web page, the browser is bad, not the web page. Currently Internet Explorer renders correctly the most pages because it was there before the standards and its developers focus on backward compatibility, instead of implementing bullshit standards. Which is more, IE7 is quite good. It has tabs, it has hundreds of plug ins. In fact, it can do almost 100% of the things Firefox can do. Why to use Firefox then?

   How to Fix the Web

   If the Web is broken beyond repair what can we do? Well, we can replace the core of the Web. Microsoft are aware of that and have created XAML to replace HTML. I am biased towards XAML but I would not mind anything else to replace HTML. We need something created for the purposes of the Web (programming and multimedia), instead of document format. We need radical change. That could be the good thing about the Second Browsers' War. It can hurt the current Web so bad that everyone can see that we need something entirely new, standardized from the beginning and designed with the Web in mind. If we do not get it Google** save us all.

** Google – the God Being of the Web. The all knowing entity.
* Google Inc. - organization of hypocrites claiming to work in the name of God.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
04:21 21.04.2008


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Posted by   conjurer (Unregistered)   on   04:31 21.04.2008

i az mrazia firefox, ama po ujasna statia ne sym chel

Posted by   trx   on   11:11 21.04.2008

In addition to that check why Firefox is not better at all:

Posted by   . (Unregistered)   on   11:25 21.04.2008

Това е долна лъжа и пропаганда, написана и поддържана от дрона Стилгар, платена от М$! Не му вярвайте! Фирефокс е тъ пест! Не минавайте на тъмната страна!

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   14:40 21.04.2008

Bravo misho, misho prezident napylno si prav osven s malka chast na izvoda si .. horata NQMA kak da sprat i da izpolzvat SAMO internet explorer zashtoto makar i malka chast ot horata da gi narechem balyci polzvat Mac OS X i tazi malka chast balyci sa predimno dizaineri ta tezi balyci kakto i drugi suliovci izpolzvashti luniks ili lanuks ili neznaq kak se naricha to4no che to tam ne sa 1 i 2 i ta tezi HORICA nqma kak da se sprat na Internet Explorer shtoto microsoft NE go predlagat za tazi OS .. koeto bi bilo hubavo da go ima togava nqma da polzvam firefox moje bi . Sega ako ot druga strana priemem che onezi na Mac OS X polzvat Firefox ( da kajem lidka ) ili pyk onezi na linux polzvat Firefox ( da kajem vseki ) i ako priemem che golqma chast ot horata na Windows polzvat Firefox ( da kajem az ) to togava e po lesno za windowsadjiite da si mahnat Internet Explorer. Nqma da ima broken web vseki shte polzva samo i edinstveno Firefox i pak shte si dovolen shte e samo 1 browser.

p.s. po temata gore : ima Flash ot 98ma koito kade se vpisva v magiite za DOM mom i HOP
p.s.2. XAML ne e nishto neveroqtno ima MXML dosta predi XAML

Posted by   Stilgar   on   14:45 21.04.2008

MS sa pravili IE za Mac edno vreme, a lunix se polzva ot pod 0% ot potrebitelite.

Znam che ima falsh i predi 98 prosto reshih da vmetna che i nego sa ni natresli.

Ne znam XAML dali e neveroiatno, vsushtnost ne me ebe prosto iskam HTML da si hodi. I drugo da e vmesto XAML shte e OK prosto MS imat resursa da go nalojat. MXML kato go ima dosta predi XAML kio faida? Kude e toia MXML deto go ima ot tolkova vreme?

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   14:51 21.04.2008

XAML e BAVEN - mai ti pokazah
XAML e baven pochti kolkoto JAVASCRIPT !
MS sa pravili IE za mAc edno vreme veche ne pravqt
linux dori da polzvat i 0.6% ot potrebitelite a to mai neshto takova beshe %-a im e VSE taq zashtoto kogato si rebootne edin WINDOWS potrebitel kato men koito bi cyknal az sam windows potrebitel pod linux i kogato iskam da otvorq iskam da mi izglejda kakto i v windows e specialno google dobre che sa napravili prost sait da izlgejda kakto trqbva a ne da otvorq i da vidq bql ekran
neshto koeto mi se e sluchvalo.
XAML - nqma da se naloji zashtoto e BAVEN
XAML shte iska da se reklamira shtoot e XML baziran posle shte go kompilirat zashtoto e BAVEN
i kato go kompilirat shte stane kato MXML ( demek SWF/ flash )

p.s. MXML sedi pod vseki flash koito ne e animaciq mi e neshto po "gui " da go kajem. primer - neveroqten sait prevryshta vsqkakvi JGPta i PNG-ta i etc v SVG.

Posted by   Stilgar   on   14:56 21.04.2008

XAML e text NE E VUZMOJNO DA E BAVEN. Texta niama skorost!
Silverlight moje da e baven (puk moje i da ne e znam li), no tova sushto niama znachenie zashtoto:
1. Microsoft imat pari
2. Ima zakon na Moore (toest na nikoi ne mu puka koe e bavno v dulgosrochen plan vsushtnost i za Java sa gi govorili sushtite neshta edno vreme)
3. Microsoft imat MNOGO pari.

i nakraia stiga s toia Firefox vie ne razbrahte li che WEB-UT e schupen ne browserite

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   14:58 21.04.2008

ama XAML ne e reshenie
FLASH e reshenieto
zashto ?
Flash se playva samo na SWF
ZABRANENO e da se pishe drug player za SWF osven ot ADOBE prosto e ZABRANENO
XAML zashto ne e reshenie
XAML se playva ot Silverlight
ot MonoLight
skoro i ot SHITLIGHT
veroqnto v razlichnite implementacii shte se poddarjat razlichni raboti
i veroqtno shte izglejdat po razlichen nachin
da ne govorim za skinove i temi a ne samo za normalni komponenti
XAML e obrechen

Posted by   Stilgar   on   15:03 21.04.2008

Falsh moje i da prokopsa ako razkarat action scripta
tova pak bi bilo OK
Osven tova moje i da si prav che XAML niama da prokopsa, no poneje ne se vijda drugo textovo na horizonta Google da ni e na pomosht ako si prav.

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   15:03 21.04.2008

poslepis :  SHITLIGHT e specialen player syzdaden da playva XAML ne kakto trqbva.

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   15:04 21.04.2008

Oki ActionScript-a sux kato slojat Java shte e qk Flex-a saglasen sam :)

Posted by   neJavaFan (Unregistered)   on   17:38 21.04.2008

JOKe  shto pak da slagat Java(javata e bavna) , shto ne slojat neshto drugo ?

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   18:00 21.04.2008

shtoto ne e bavna :)
i shtoto samo nqkoi izkliuchitelno malko inteligenten kaun koito realno ne osaznava kakvo znachi bavna povtarq kato papagal 4esto 4e e bavna bez realno da pokaje adjeba kade e bavna taia java i cqlata li e bavna 4e e tiq  vsichkite redove v javata rabotqt po bavno otkolkoto v moq(negoviq) fantastichen fantaziorski ezik koito smqtam che sashtestvuva no v nqkoq alternativna realno i moje bi pak e narechen java.

Posted by   . (Unregistered)   on   18:16 21.04.2008

JOKe, бавно значи да дадеш пример за успешна ОС написана на Ява...

Posted by   Stilgar   on   18:18 21.04.2008

Na put ste da otkriete, che "bavno" e edno osobeno otnositelno poniatie.

Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   19:02 21.04.2008

o estestveno vsichko e napraveno za pisane na Operacionni systemi i na kvoto nemoje da se napishe OS e bavno
spored men Active Desktop si e OS spored teb moje i da ne e spored men e :) pa e pisana na Flash ibasi i pa e po krasiv i ot vista nachi C++ e baven taka li ? ili flash e byrz neznam neshto se obarkah ot neveroqtnite ti razsajdeniq g-n Tochka. NO RAZBIRA se spokoino vseki ezik se syzdava za da se pishe OS i za tova ima 20 miliona os-a otkadeto i 20 miliona browsera prav si to4no horata kato teb det pravqt byrzi ezici za pisane na os sa vinovni za povecheto govna :)

p.s. neiskam da se zaqjdam no Java e prosto ime i to trademark i to registrirana ot sun i to bez da imash pravo da q izpolzvash ako ne okajesh che nqmash nishto obshto s SUN taka che Java e prosto duma ezika Java sashto nemoje da kajesh che e baven toi e prosto sintaksis baven sintaksis ? tva ek ato da kajesh bavna kniga koe mu e bavnoto ? nadpisite ? sq moje da govorim i za izpalnenie na daden kod napisan na Java i otnovo kakvo shte reche izpalnenie... nqma da obqasnqvam i otnovo moje da compilirash s executor JET i s GCJ i da e 1:1 s C++ asemblerski kod i pak bi bilo Java taka che gospodin TO4KA sprete da pishete na ezici za programirane :)moq savet e  zapochnete da se zanimavate s masovo prodavane na mazni bani4ki na zastarqvashti lelki za po 70 stotinki .

Posted by   . (Unregistered)   on   19:13 21.04.2008

Ъм... верно съм прост, ама може ли да го постнеш т'ва отново с малко повече препинателни знаци, че се обърках...

Posted by   JOKe   on   19:17 21.04.2008

mne az za prosti ne pisha 2ri pyt :)
kato se napynesh shte me razberesh
i na 20% da e pak dobre :)

Posted by   JOKe   on   19:17 21.04.2008

a da 3D looking Glass e pisano na Java 3D viarvam znaesh moje da si go kachish na windows-a da go razgledash be mai vyrvi baia byrzo.

Posted by   JOKe   on   19:22 21.04.2008

ama kakto kazah zavisi kvo e OS za teb ako e konzolnolna a u deto a u jnode moje da vidish ama
vqrvam che nqma smisal da ti obqasnqvam tai kato tva e kato da hvyrlqm v bezdynniq kladenec na glupostta i dori da obqasnq na 1 chovek che vsashnost e zle i kakvo e bavno e samo plod na bolnoto mu vaobrajenie pak shte se prkyne nqkoi drug mechtatel s vyobrajenie.

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