Jeff Hanneman Goes South of Heaven

Jeff Hanneman Goes South of Heaven
   Slayer's guitar player Jeff Hanneman has died yesterday due to liver failure. This was kind of unexpected. While it was known that he has health problems related to a spider bite on his hand nobody thought it was life threatening. Can Necrotizing fasciitis somehow cause a liver failure? Unlike many of his metal peers Hanneman was not known for heavy drinking or substance abuse.

   Slayer's best-known songs are written by Hanneman. Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, Season in the Abyss and Angel of Death will forever hold cult status among extreme music fans.

   I had the privilege of seeing Hanneman play live three times as part of the Big Four of Thrash Metal – Tom Araya, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo and Jeff Hanneman.

Update 10.05.2013
Turns out the reason was alcohol. At least things make more sense now.
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Big Four are now Big Three...

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