Sir Terry Walks with Death

Terry Pratchett death tweet

    Sir Terry met with Death today. This was announced on his Twitter in a typical Discworld fashion (see above). Of course we knew this would happen as he was fighting Alzheimer's disease for almost a decade. He is my favorite author and I am sad that he is gone but at the same time I smile all the time to all the clever ways his fans apply quotes from his books to the event.

I ATEN'T DEAD - a placard Granny Weatherwax puts on her body when she possesses animals to avoid accidents.

Don't think of it as dying, said Death. Think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush.*

...and many others. I guess it helps that he has the Death character in his books.

    Now that the greatest wizzard of literature is dead I wonder if the morons composing school curriculum for literature classes will dare to include him. They manage to suck the fun of reading every book but I believe that Terry is even more powerful than them. Go ahead put him in the textbooks and write endless analyses I dare you!

* - fun fact that may not be known to people who read Terry Pratchett in Bulgarian - Death speaks in caps but he still uses bigger letters where appropriate

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