StarCraft 2 Political Compass

StarCraft 2 Political Compass
   Here is something that I wanted to do for a long time - StarCraft political compass.

StarCraft Political Compass

Disclaimer: I am not familiar with the lore outside the games. It is possible that some of the books expand on some of these characters and put them in a different light than what could be understood from the games. In addition this is a joke so it doesn't have to be accurate.

- The Overmind goes in the upper left because he wants to control everything, strong, weak, all must become part of the Swarm and the Swarm will take care of its evolution and needs.

- Kerrigan is like the Overmind but she is not so absolute and goes through different phases. He is more impulsive and sometimes melancholic even before restoring her humanity. He even paused the invasion when he learned about the threat after the Brood War. This means she shifts more towards the center compared to the Overmind.

- Zagara is above Kerrigan because she cares more about authority. She is a bit to the right of the Overmind because she values strength a bit more while the Overmind never doubted his strength, there was no competition for that authority.

- Abathur values authority like all Zerg but he also cares about efficiency and is willing to discard lesser organisms. This places him to the right.

- The Protoss society is a kind of fascists (more of a fascist than nazi). They are segregated into castes, they value authority and they value strength. While they are not trying to exterminate humans they are OK with human deaths if it helps their goals. The extreme manifestation of this attitude is Alarak this is why he goes in the upper right corner.

- Why Mengsk is in the upper right should be obvious.

- The softer Protoss Artanis shifts towards the center (in fact his character goes through changes and shifts towards the center). He is still Protoss though.

- Nova is a typical soldier. She values authority and loyalty. She does not seem to think about left and right that much but she was a Mengsk loyalist so she must be a bit to the right from the center.

- Valerian is close to the center but still considers the Dominion a good idea so probably up and right from the center.

- Dahaka is all about economy but his money is essence. He does not care if he lives under dictatorship or anarchy as long as he gets essence. This is why he is in the center on the vertical axis but on the extreme right on the economic.

- Ariel Hanson (from the Safe Haven missions) is the only character in the militaristic universe that can go in the bottom left. She is altruistic and seems to be somewhat of a pacifist.

- Raynor is disillusioned with the government and while he wants to help people he does need to finance his operation so he does jobs that kind of put him on the right of the center (but not by much). He leads a cowboy lifestyle much more than others on his team.

- Mathew Horner has some more respect for authority and seems to be a believer that a better state can come about. Raynor explicitly says that after the revolution they would need softer and more compassionate people like Matt to rebuild things. Overall Matt and Jim are close on the since they are on the same team.

- As a libertarian Mira Han is my favorite character. Pure anarcho-capitalist, smuggler, pirate. She will do almost anything for money and has zero respect for authority.

   Some characters like Tychus and Zeratul were not included because they have not expressed much of an opinion about the order in society. Tychus is defined by his friendship with Raynor and the subsequent betrayal and Zeratul is just trying to save the universe in any way possible.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
17:36 11.10.2017


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Posted by   WildCats (Unregistered)   on   19:45 12.10.2017

I don't like the axis. They imply that anyone who doesn't subscribe to the 'libertarian' label is authoritarian.

My argument is that there is a clear definition of what the word 'authoritarian' means, but if you ask 10 people what 'libertarian' means, you will get 10 different answers.

Posted by   Stilgar   on   01:40 14.10.2017

This is the standard test/meme axis labeling

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