Upgrade 1.3

   After yesterday's upgrade the no-blog has the astonishing feature to limit the users who can comment on an article. There were development problems and deployment problems but I doubt anyone cares about these. For testing purposes comments on this article will be disabled for unregistered users. I also added an option in the web.config that makes the system require activation by administrator for new users. This option will not be tested. Now let us pray to Google together that my new features work as intended.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
16:48 15.06.2008


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Posted by   Stilgar   on   21:57 16.06.2008

aide niakoi da postne nesto da testvame:)

Posted by   AdolfPresley   on   13:49 17.06.2008

Опитите ти да постигнеш нещо с тази жалка пародия на блог са повече от смехотворни и будят съжаление. Заради такива като теб българската блогосфера е на това дередже.

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