Switching FTP Clients

   Since the latest version of SmartFTP client the authors stopped providing a free version for home users. I figured out the price would be like $20 and headed for the website to buy it. However it turned out that the price is double of what I expected. I can afford it but it is a matter of principle. It should not cost so much to upload some files to this website twice  week. So I dropped the pretty SmartFTP in favor of the ugly FileZilla. If at some point SmartFTP gets cheaper for home users or I get to do extensive amount of work with an FTP client I will buy it. No 64 bit version for me anymore. No pretty interface.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
05:42 29.07.2008


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Posted by   JOKe (Unregistered)   on   14:02 29.07.2008

Why you dont like FileZilla ?
i think it is awesome

Posted by   Stilgar   on   14:25 29.07.2008

Because you haven't used SmartFTP.

Posted by   Stefan (Unregistered)   on   17:10 29.07.2008

Try this client http://winscp.net/eng/index.php
Maybe is right choice for you

Posted by   livetoday   on   20:45 31.07.2008

Определно е грозна filezillata ама ми е с пъти по удобна от смарт-а :)

Posted by   Stilgar   on   05:01 01.08.2008

aa ne
smarta e klasa nad vsichko koeto sum vijdal

Posted by   Paganel (Unregistered)   on   14:16 04.08.2008

I havent used Smart FTP for some time now,. but the only advantage I used to find about it was that it was really easy to work with. However, I believe Cute FTP is much smarter than Smart ftp ... Honestly I am mostly using Internet Explorer for upload lately..even though its a brick.. but at least you can find it on any winblows computer :)

Posted by   Stilgar   on   14:35 04.08.2008

Well CuteFTP has always been paid.

Posted by   livetoday   on   18:04 05.08.2008

Най-малкото го няма аноинг мсг-то дето изкачаше на cute–то :)

Posted by   livetoday   on   18:05 05.08.2008

cute-то да се чете смарт в горния пост ;)

Posted by   Stilgar   on   19:44 05.08.2008

koe to?

Posted by   livetoday   on   00:29 09.08.2008

като беше фрее смарт фтп-то преди да зареди имаше 1 аноинг попъп че е Фрее;),сега май няма как да го има вече ;)

Posted by   Sanders (Unregistered)   on   00:47 11.08.2008

What the fuck is wrong with Filezilla :) .It is awesome :)

Posted by   Stilgar   on   06:05 11.08.2008

Nothing, except for it's ugly, non-intuitive interface and the lack of tabs?

Posted by   AdolfPresley   on   14:12 12.08.2008

Полковник Сандърс по-добре да си гледа пържените пилета и да се излага само офлайн. Вие сте позор за Интернета!

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