Worth Watching

   The following two videos are worth watching and I do not regret turning Flash on in my browser for a while just to watch them. They are relatively long but no one that I know has regreted spending the time.

   The first video is a speech given by Apple's founder Steve Jobs at Stanford University. You can watch it here. If you prefer version with Bulgarian subtitles you can see that here.

   The second speech is the last lecture of Randy Pausch. To be honest I had not heard of him before but it seems like he was quite famous in the field of computer science education and virtual reality research. The speech in question was given after Randy knew that he was ill from an incurable cancer. I was sitting alone at home in front of the computer and was surprised to find out that I was applauding at the end of the lecture. You can see it here. Randy Pausch died on July 25, 2008 at the age of 47.
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16:19 13.08.2008


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