Happy Programmer's Day

Happy Programmer's Day
   Happy programmer's day to everyone who is doing any coding. The day of the programmer is celebrated on the 256th day of the year (do I have to explain why?). Normally it falls on September 13th but on leap years like this year it falls on September 12th.

   Happy coding and may the Source be with you.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
13:18 12.09.2008


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Posted by   livetoday   on   13:20 12.09.2008

Честито на всички :)

Posted by   ___XXX_X_XXX___ (Unregistered)   on   13:29 12.09.2008

Абе САМО 256-тия ден трябва да е работен за нас - всички останали ТРЯБВА да са празници.

Posted by   Sanders (Unregistered)   on   16:00 12.09.2008

Ne se kazva 256 a 2 na ........

Posted by   ___XXX_X_XXX___ (Unregistered)   on   16:57 12.09.2008

Хубу де:
Math.Pow(Math.Pow(Math.Pow(2, 2), 2), 2)

Posted by   Guest (Unregistered)   on   20:36 12.09.2008

128-miq den kvo e?

Posted by   ___XXX_X_XXX___ (Unregistered)   on   20:41 12.09.2008

ПОЧИВЕН естествено

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