Upgrade 1.0.7

   Due to millions of e-mails from readers with incompatible eyes I have decided to bless them with darker gray text and orange links. However this is not entirely because of feedback. I was convinced by the colors on StarCraft2.com. If Blizzard do it like this then it is good enough for this glorious No-blog.

   Another cool thing for you mortals is that now you can get an insight into the development process by using the newly setup project page and source control system on Codeplex. The most prominent developers among you can even contribute source code here.

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Posted by:   Stilgar
18:05 12.10.2008


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Posted by   Ivan Enev   on   00:14 17.10.2008

Lichi si, che opitno designersko oko e opredelilo cvetovete. Bukvite se chetat tolkova lesno, kolkoto da se nameri smisal v textovete na Depeche Mode.

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