The Man Who Taught Us the Way Football Should Be Played

The Man Who Taught Us the Way Football Should Be Played
   Normally I do not write about sports and I do not really like football in particular. However the man I am gonna tell you about today is not your usual football legend. His name is Stanley Matthews and Pelé himself said about him:

   "The man who taught us the way football should be played"

   In my opinion this should be extended to sports in general because sports are not about physical shape and it is not about winning prizes. It is about human will, respect and friendship (that is why chess, motor-sports and e-sports are considered sports) and this man embodies the true spirit of sport.

   Matthews was born on February 1st 1915. He signed professional terms with his hometown team Stoke City in 1932 and debuted for England in 1934. His last game for the national team was in 1957 at the age of 42 which makes him the oldest player to ever play for England. His last professional match in England was in 1965 at the age of 50. The same year he was knighted for services to sport and was the first ever football player to be knighted. He is also the only football player to be knighted while still playing. While we are at it in 1956 he received the first Golden Ball award. After that he moved to Malta to coach some team and he even played for them. Some reports state he played even in his 60s.

   Except for showing formidable willpower and body shape Matthews was a real gentleman. This is best illustrated by the fact that for more than 700 league matches he was NEVER booked.

   He died at the age of 85 and his ashes were buried beneath the central circle of  Stoke City's stadium. February 1st is an unofficial "Sir Stanley Matthews Day" on which staff in offices is encouraged to come to work dressed in football shirts.
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Here is another legend in football, famous manager Guy Roux

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