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    I was trying to get Oracle JDeveloper 11g today but as always with Oracle products this proved to be quite a challenge...

    So I got to the download page agreed that Oracle became full owner of my computer (if I have one), all the software I will ever write (if I write any), my house (if I have one), my soul (if I have one) and my children (if I have any) and clicked the download link. At this point I was taken to the login page. As always I could not figure out my account/password combination. As it turned out later account is actually e-mail but Oracle did not think they should hint me about that so after trying my usual usernames and passwords I just requested my password sent to my e-mail. I received some password and proceeded to login with my usual accounts... no luck. BTW on every click I was greeted with confirmation dialog informing me that some of the items on the page are not secured:

Yes, please!

    I decided that I should use the "Lost Username" feature of the website. I filled in my e-mail and... surprise:

Did you lose my information?

Oracle lost my information or what? After trying to register with the same e-mail just to make sure I do have an account I decided to contact Oracle so I clicked the link:


I guess no contacting Oracle today... In despair I decided to check if my e-mail was the account name... and it was.

    On top of it the website is remarkably slow. Once in a year or two I download something from the Oracle website and every time it spend more than 20 minutes trying to register/login. I am not expert in website login but I manage to do it on most sites in less than 10 minutes!

    Well at least the installation of JDeveloper is of the "unzip" type I soothed myself... Not anymore! There is this wonderful installation software. Well, probably they are following in Visual Studio's footsteps. Guess what! Even developers using Microsoft technology do not like installations! The installer was very helpful. It informed me that I cannot install JDeveloper in a path that has spaces. WTF? Are we back in the 80s? Do you want me to use 8.3 filenames?

    Otherwise the IDE looks better than JDeveloper 10g and seems to have more windows so I suppose it has more features :) It still eats like three times the memory that Visual Studio uses and takes ages to start.

JDeveloper 11g

    I guess Oracle put these tests in place so that stupid, unqualified people would not be able to get their software. You need a degree and a lot of patience to get their software running. A message to Oracle:

YOU FAILED! I managed to get it. HAHA!

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Posted by:   Stilgar
03:54 22.10.2008


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Posted by   ivelinka   on   12:45 22.10.2008

It's the same with me. I always go through this procedure when I want to download Jdeveloper. It's pretty annoying. They should really do something to make it better!

Posted by   . (Unregistered)   on   14:00 22.10.2008

Т'ва е баси перверзията... да използваш ява иде...

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