Upgrade 1.0.10

   Here is the latest upgrade to my personal website (which should be your homepage). This release contains only bugfixes. I believe that from now on there should be just one XHTML validation error. This error will not be removed for several reasons. First of all I will have to code for a week to recreate the wonderful ASP.NET pager control which renders it. Second it is absolutely harmless - a "disabled" attribute for a link that is ignored with no effect in every browser but IE. And finally it is a sign of defiance of W3C, web "standards" and all of that bullshit. Some issues with cache invalidatin were also fixed. The most important fix is that the Sietch now works in IE8 or at least I hope so.

   As always you can download the source code at Codeplex and even get involved in the development of this software masterpiece.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
02:15 16.01.2009


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Posted by   sevi   on   13:35 16.01.2009

Gief pink skin pls ;)

Posted by   ivelinka   on   13:41 16.01.2009

ok, I plan to get involved as soon as I get the new VWD and SQL Server. //Yes, I know I can use SQL Server 2005 but it is always better to use the latest software.

Posted by   ivelinka   on   14:47 16.01.2009

Sevi you can do it by yourself:) It's open source after all.

Posted by   sevi   on   14:56 16.01.2009

Yes i know ;) Already downloaded the source :P Working on the solution :>

Posted by   ivelinka   on   15:17 16.01.2009

Great!:):) Go Go Go!

Posted by   conjurer   on   04:55 19.01.2009

e sa she downloadna koda i shte go improve-vam, NP.

... ti za humanist li me mislish, kvo?

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