Upgrade 1.1.0

   Our small but evergrowing team has released a new version of the Personal Webpage Engine that powers this No-blog. The new version allows searching by multiple tags, issues a warning if someone posted a comment while the user was writing one and provides more meaningful logging. You can also subscribe to RSS feed by multiple tags but you will have to craft the URL yourself. For example if you want to subscribe to articles about music which are in Bulgarian you need the following URL http://sietch.net/Rss.aspx?Tag=bulgarian+music. OR-based search will probably come in the next version.

   I have also moved the site to a new hosting package. This one runs on Windows Server 2008, IIS7 and SQL Server 2008. Migrations are always fun and unexpected problems arise all the time. Combined with the new code it is likely that there are bugs. Please report them although most probably we do not care (the spirit of Open Source!).

   As always you can download the source code on Codeplex which for some reason lags like hell in the last two days.
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Posted by:   Stilgar
18:53 03.03.2009


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