LINQ to Objects Performance

   To fill in the vacuum of technical articles on this no-blog I decided to put in this article about small but interesting problem with LINQ to Objects performance that a guy posted on a developers' forum a while ago. Fear not for I am working on more serious technical article but I am doing it slowly like a glacier moving...
Posted by:   Stilgar
18:03 24.04.2010

Dead Again

Dead Again
   It appears that Type O Negative's Peter Steele has died yesterday... again. Other members of the band including their manager have confirmed the news. The greatest Gothic metal musician of all the time died of heart failure at the age of 48.

   I still hope that in a week I will come back and update this article saying that it was just a P.R. stunt for their new album. After all they have done it once in 2005. Somehow I feel like I will not have this opportunity.
Posted by:   Stilgar
00:34 16.04.2010

File System vs Database

   It has been a while since I posted a technical article so my mailbox is jammed with e-mails from people begging me to spread more wisdom. This particular post deals with one of the most pressing and hard unsolved problems in computer science – Is it better to store user uploaded files in the database or on the file system? This question has spawned thousand of IRC, forum and other flames. I too have participated in my share of flames on the topic. So it is time for you, the reader, to learn what is the right way to store user uploaded files and it is...
Posted by:   Stilgar
03:53 21.12.2009

Upgrade 1.2.2

   Our fearless team has just released a new version of the Personal Webpage Engine that powers this No-blog. This version includes several small bugfixes. This will be the last version before version 2.0 comes with many majestic features. Well... unless everything suddenly breaks and we are forced to release another bugfix version.

   As always the code is available at Codeplex. If you want to experience the glory of being part of the team you can contribute there.
Posted by:   Stilgar
00:34 25.10.2009

Dev Reach 2009

   Because there were no more than 500 people attending Dev Reach 2009 I know that the other 6 billion in the world are awaiting my report and here it is...
Posted by:   Stilgar
03:30 19.10.2009
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