Valve Made Me Mad

   I was browsing the Steam Store today with the intent to buy Left 4 Dead. However the price seemed a bit high. At 45€ I had better buy the retail version which costs only 70 leva (about 36€) in Bulgaria. After asking around it seems that there is no way to revert back to USD. I was furious so I submitted the following support ticket:


   It seems like the option to revert back to US currency is missing. Will you please manually revert my account to USD as it was before. Also I hope that you will able to fix this BUG soon because as it seems other people ( ) cannot find the option either. I am absolutely sure that it is just a software BUG that you are not aware of and Valve did not mean to insult the European players' intelligence. I have been a loyal Valve and Steam customer for years. I like buying my games online but if Steam games are going to stay 30% more expensive than their retail versions I will have to go back to buying useless boxes from retailers. Another good workaround until you fix the BUG will be to ask my friends living in the USA to buy me games as a gift.

   Also if you do not fix this BUG I will probably change my opionion about your great customer service and may stop buying every game that Valve releases. What is more I am not looking at third party products but at Valve's own Left4Dead and I am comparing the prices with the retail prices here in Bulgaria in the European Union.

   To sum up my question: WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?

   It seems that a lot of people are pissed off. This 120+ pages thread on the Steam forums proves it as does this 8000+ steam group. If Valve do not fix this after the holidays I am going to file a complaint to the European Commission as suggested in the thread.
Posted by:   Stilgar
04:50 24.12.2008

Upgrade 1.0.9

   I have deployed the new version of the no-blog which contains several improvements:

   1. Added page size setting for the comments.
   2. Clicking latest comments now takes the user to the comment and not just to the news item page.
   3. Removed link to the CSS file from every comment or news item. This means less HTML validation errors.

   I have calculated that moving to the comment after clicking on the latest comments takes on average 2 seconds and even more if the comment is not on the first page. Considering that this no-blog has millions of readers and each of them loses 2+ seconds every time a comment is posted I have just saved thousands of manhours. You can start expressing your gratitude now.

   As always you can download the source code on Codeplex.
Posted by:   Stilgar
22:51 22.12.2008


    Who is stronger the white ninja or the black ninja? And who can defeat the white ninja and the black ninja together?

.NET Ninja!

.NET Ninja!


    mkochanov is my username in the company domain.

Posted by:   Stilgar
16:25 21.12.2008

Upgrade 1.0.8

Upgrade 1.0.8
   Here is another software update of everyone's favourite no-blog. With this release admins can change the text on the "About" page and the text on the master page. However what really matters is that with this release the Personal Webpage Engine passed the official "Works on My Machine" certification program. I have proudly added the official certificate badge to the website.

Just to remind to any of you who might want to view the code or submit a bug (not that I care about your bugs, mortals), here is the project page on Codeplex -
Posted by:   Stilgar
23:17 08.11.2008

C# 4.0 Features Announced

   The big news (actually the big news was Windows Azure but I care more about C# 4.0) from yesterday is that Anders (Hallowed be his name) has spoken. The future of C# have been announced. I bet that many of you mortals are eagerly awaiting my interpretation of the words of the Prophet.
Posted by:   Stilgar
04:49 29.10.2008
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