Upgrade 1.0.6

I am proud to present the new version of everyone's beloved No-Blog. This version supports HTML based posts. This will allow me to post tables:

Website Number of users (in millions) Coolness points
Google.com 3000 5
The Sietch 30000 10
Yahoo! 3 2

Also I can put in some pictures to show you cool stuff like what the administration looks like:


HTML based posts come to you thanks to TinyMCE.

Posted by:   Stilgar
05:48 24.08.2008

Upgrade 1.0.5

   I bet my legions of readers will be happy to know about yet another upgrade. First of all I am aligning these posts with my internal version number (that can be seen in a hidden field in the about page with id "version"). This update adds the cool (Pseudo)"Random Quote" feature. I have already put some quotes in there so you can start pressing F5. For those of you who like to look into my (GPL) source code (judging by the statistics the actual number is 0) it is worth noting that I have replaced all Response.Redirect to the error page with Server.Transfer.
Posted by:   Stilgar
09:15 10.08.2008

Google Me!

   Хората доста често ме изумяват с простотиите, които набиват в Google. Следва списък на някои от по-забавните хитове към сайта минали през Google. Осъзнавам, че това писание вероятно ще ми донесе известен брой фалшиви хитове от хора опитващи се да бъдат забавни, но ще рискувам. Всъщност дори знам, че някои от тези са фалшиви, но процента е малък, а натуралната простотия ги бие. И така...
Posted by:   Stilgar
13:19 04.08.2008


   As you have probably noticed the site has been down for two days. The hosting company had some serious problems but everything seems to be working now. Please let me know if you spot something that is not working as intended.

   On the bright side the outage helped me find a bug in the error logging code that caused infinite redirects and writing to the log file when the database was down.
Posted by:   Stilgar
06:31 27.06.2008

Upgrade 1.3

   After yesterday's upgrade the no-blog has the astonishing feature to limit the users who can comment on an article. There were development problems and deployment problems but I doubt anyone cares about these. For testing purposes comments on this article will be disabled for unregistered users. I also added an option in the web.config that makes the system require activation by administrator for new users. This option will not be tested. Now let us pray to Google together that my new features work as intended.
Posted by:   Stilgar
16:48 15.06.2008
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