Switching FTP Clients

   Since the latest version of SmartFTP client the authors stopped providing a free version for home users. I figured out the price would be like $20 and headed for the website to buy it. However it turned out that the price is double of what I expected. I can afford it but it is a matter of principle. It should not cost so much to upload some files to this website twice  week. So I dropped the pretty SmartFTP in favor of the ugly FileZilla. If at some point SmartFTP gets cheaper for home users or I get to do extensive amount of work with an FTP client I will buy it. No 64 bit version for me anymore. No pretty interface.
Posted by:   Stilgar
05:42 29.07.2008

The Hate of the Linux Hater

   I have new favourite website - The Linux Hater's Blog. I found this site through a link on Slashdot to this article by Jeremy Allison (obviously well known in the Linux community for his work on Samba). After reading all of the posts and a great deal of the flames (that is how the Linux Hater calls the comments) I can confirm that Jeremy is right. This blog is Linux Hater's way to submit bug reports. More often than not the bug reports are not against the software but against the Linux community itself. In my opinion the Linux community is the greatest problem this platform has. It seems like they are more focused on hating Microsoft than improving Linux. The existence of phrases like "Microsoft-free" proves that. Also when they try to convince a victim to join their cause they do not point out the virtues of Linux but the downsides of Windows instead.

   You probably want to read Linux Hater's blog no matter on which side of the barricade you are fighting on. The guy is really competent (he says he has contributed code for KDE in one post) and is disillusioned enough to criticize the OS and the ideology behind it. Besides there are jems of pure fun for example calling Slashdot "Al Jazeera of tech journalism".

P.S. I have a challenge for Linux lovers reading this. Point me to a reason I should switch to Linux. Mind you that I use my computer for .NET programming (I do this for a living), games (I am living for this) and web/chat (also I think that the software mIRC is the greatest desktop software ever). Try me!
Posted by:   Stilgar
16:32 23.07.2008

End of an Era

   Yesterday was the last day of Bill Gates as a full time employee at Microsoft. Love him or hate him this man changed the world. Including your world. A true visionary he had that rebellious idea that the software costs money. Before that software was seen as something that comes with the hardware. That vision made him the richest man in the world. At the same time that another true genius called Richard Stallman came up with the idea that software should be free (as in speech), Gates wrote his infamous Open Letter to Hobbyists where he stated that software was a product and should be payed for in order to increase its quality and stimulate developers.

   Bill Gates will continue to be chairman of the board in Microsoft and is still the largest single shareholder so you can bet that his word will still matter. His everyday job from now on will be his charity foundation - the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

   However there is one more important event. Windows XP will retire on Monday. From then on Microsoft will not sell Windows XP. This edition of Windows was the most successful of all and it took 5 years for Microsoft to release a successor which is the longest timespan between Windows releases.

   In my opinion these two events mark the end of an era.
Posted by:   Stilgar
22:03 28.06.2008


   As you have probably noticed the site has been down for two days. The hosting company had some serious problems but everything seems to be working now. Please let me know if you spot something that is not working as intended.

   On the bright side the outage helped me find a bug in the error logging code that caused infinite redirects and writing to the log file when the database was down.
Posted by:   Stilgar
06:31 27.06.2008

LINQ Adventures

   I know that every single person in my multi million user base is interested in LINQ. To your great satisfaction here are two pieces of somewhat strange LINQ behavior that you are (undoubtedly) going to enjoy.  The two pieces are completely unrelated. The first requires a little knowledge about LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET and the second requires good familiarity with the C# language (reading AND understanding the "What Is New in C# 3.0" series will do as well).
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on   23:04 13.12.2009
Posted by:   Stilgar
09:06 22.06.2008
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