What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 7 (LINQ Syntax)

   Here is the cherry of the cake, the reason for all the new features in C# 3.0, the purpose of human evolution and the reason Google created the Universe in the first place. LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a set of C# language features for manipulating data. Long time ago Anders (Hallowed be his name) reasoned that as more and more applications interact with different data stores and manipulate large sets of data it would be really cool to make data manipulation a first class language feature. The most popular way for applications to interact with data are the databases but data comes in many more forms for example XML documents. So the first problem was to define what data is.

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I Am a Believer

   В последно време много се говори за малки и големи лейбъли, пускане на музика за безплатен download, creative commons лиценз и въобще какъв е правилният начин за разпространение, финансиране и печелене от музика. Понеже аз съм на всяка манджа мерудия, се намесвам, за да просветля многомилионната ми аудитория какъв е правилният начин да се правят тези работи. Преди това, обаче, кратко и доста относително обобщение как работят нещата в момента...
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What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 6 (Expression Trees)

   After a long delay I am proud (well not really) to present part 6 of the “What Is New in C# 3.0” series. This is arguably the most difficult part of all but you only need to fully understand how expression trees work if you are going to develop LINQ data providers or similar frameworks. I personally am nowhere near to fully understanding how expression trees work but learning the principles they rely on will help you and me use them more effectively.

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05:30 13.03.2008

The Shape of Punk to Come

   Онзи ден чух по Тангра (www.radiotangra.com) новина, че щели да издават Rather Be... Tribute to Refused. Викам си каква пък е тази група, дето не съществува от 10 години, не съм я чувал пък хората ще правят tribute. Отворих аз Wikipedia, откраднах трите им албума и се запознах с тази забележителна група...
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01:59 29.02.2008

What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 5 (Lambda Expressions)

   I was about to start this article with theoretical explanation and historical background of lambda expressions but while I was searching for articles explaining some subtle details I came upon some very interesting comments. Some people were complaining that functional programming (mainly lambdas) are not natural to C# and they can confuse developers with no theoretical (i.e. university) background. Luckily the C# community (unlike the Java community) is very open-minded to new features and opinions are about 10:1 in favor of lambdas (if you take a look at discussions about new features in Java you will see that like 3:2 are against ANY changes in the language itself). So I decided to write the article with examples of how lambdas are actually simpler and easier even if you do not understand how they work internally...
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03:29 24.02.2008
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