What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 5 (Lambda Expressions)

   I was about to start this article with theoretical explanation and historical background of lambda expressions but while I was searching for articles explaining some subtle details I came upon some very interesting comments. Some people were complaining that functional programming (mainly lambdas) are not natural to C# and they can confuse developers with no theoretical (i.e. university) background. Luckily the C# community (unlike the Java community) is very open-minded to new features and opinions are about 10:1 in favor of lambdas (if you take a look at discussions about new features in Java you will see that like 3:2 are against ANY changes in the language itself). So I decided to write the article with examples of how lambdas are actually simpler and easier even if you do not understand how they work internally...
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03:29 24.02.2008

What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 4 (Type Inference and Anonymous Types)

  Welcome to part 4 of the "What Is New in C# 3.0" series. Lets present two of the features that can make your code shorter and are essential to LINQ.

  You can often read about a feature of C# 3.0 called "the var keyword". That is pure bullshit and the feature is actually called "type inference" or "implicit typing"...
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01:57 15.02.2008

Защо няма да отида на концерта на Metallica

  Много хора знаят, че съм редовен на рок концертите в България. Ходя на над десет концерта годишно, без да броим концертите на български групи. След като обявиха концерта на Metallica, много хора започнаха да ме питат дали ще го посетя. За да не обяснявам на всеки поотделно, ще направя официално изявление:


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20:50 14.02.2008

Да спасим Иракли... само да не ни бият

Да спасим Иракли... само да не ни бият
   За начало искам да уточня, че нито аз, нито семейството ми притежаваме имоти в Иракли или друга защитена територия, нито възнамеряваме да строим хотели на такива места. Правя това изрично уточнение защото така наречените природозащитници считат, че всеки който не ги харесва и не им е силно благодарен, че спасяват света има интерес при това противозаконен.

   Какво се случи на 10.02.2008 както го виждам аз...
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15:53 11.02.2008

What Is New in C# 3.0 - Part 3 (Extension Methods)

   Part 3 of the "What Is New in C# 3.0" series deals with extension methods. However before we proceed lets make a little trip through the history of methods as we know it just for the sake of our younger readers (namely Hristinka)...
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04:02 10.02.2008
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